Sergey Nazarov, CEO Chainlink

Chainlink: Why I’m Bullish

I was just tech-literate enough

They had quickly convinced me that the previous batch of folk who told me to “Just buy Bitcoin” when it was $300 were right

A life changing post
A Javascript injector link
My pain

So.. What is Chainlink?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

It is my personal belief

“Possible applications are innumerable”

“The move underscores a growing effort among enterprises to use digital assets of all kinds, from cryptocurrencies to tokenized loyalty points, real estate and artwork, in a standardized environment.

According to the announcement,

“What is required is standardization at the business level, which would allow companies to be able to agree on distributed business models without choosing a platform first. The InterWork Alliance will set the standards for building distributed applications, including appropriate frameworks for tokenizing items of value, writing contracts over those tokens, and privacy-preserving analytics of multi-party data.”

Says InterWork Alliance President Ron Resnick,

“Companies want to be able to create token-based business models without having a platform technology in mind. For this approach to work, standards are urgently needed around defining what a token is and how its contractual behaviors will work. … the Alliance can deliver a proven, standard approach that is required to bring consumer trust into this space.”

Launch members include Accenture, R3, ING, Nasdaq, Neo and Hedera Hashgraph, among others.”

Note- none of this is financial advice, just my personal perspective on things. Thank you for reading



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